Master Plan

Process / Schedule

The Federal Aviation Administration provides general guidance for airports and their consultants on the recommended process for Airport Master Plans in Advisory Circular (AC) 150/5070-6B Airport Master Plans. While each airport master plan is unique in the scope of investigation and level of detail of the various analyses in the Master Plan, each typically follows a similar process including the following tasks:

  • Existing Conditions Inventory: surveys and documents the existing conditions.
  • Forecasts of Aviation Demand: projects aviation activity for a 20-year planning horizon
  • Facility Requirements: recommends future facility needs based on the forecasts of aviation demand.
  • Alternatives: develops, evaluates, and recommends facility improvements based on the needs identified in the facility requirements.
  • Facilities Implementation Plan: compiles the recommended improvements into a comprehensive plan that identifies the sequence and timing for improvements.
  • Financial Feasibility Analysis: evaluates the financial feasibility of the recommended implementation plan.
  • Final Documentation and Airport Layout Plan: documents the process and recommendations of the master plan and updates the Airport Layout Plan with the recommended improvements.

The image below graphically depicts the typical process used for Airport Master Planning.

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